Vitamin B-12 Methylcobalamin’s role in Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD


Vitamin B-12, plays a role in DNA synthesis, detoxification, red blood cell formation, amino acid metabolism, and is involved in the functioning of the nervous system and immune system.The most commonly known use of B-12 has been its activity within the nervous system. It has also been marketed as an energy booster. This article will address Vitamin B-12’s use, specifically the methylcobalamin form, as a detoxifier and how its role is one of the most important factors in restoring an essential pathway, the methylation pathway, especially in children with ASD. If you look at ASD as a neurotoxic disorder, there are significant changes in the environment that have occurred over the past 20 years contributing to a rise in ASD.

Toxins have proliferated into our water system through pollution and waste, so much so that many of us purchase bottled water to drink. Our foods have been contaminated with chemicals, hormones and antibiotics to unprecedented levels and the nutritional levels in our soil have also declined. Vaccinations have increased, however the ability to detoxify had decreased. The toxins that have entered our body have, and are more likely to stay there. Our process of eliminating these toxins has been compromised through various factors. The protective elimination process called methylation has been damaged in ASD children, thus increasing the toxin load in their little bodies.

Methylation occurs in our DNA and is the process of removing mercury and other toxins from our bodies. The overload of mercury debilitates the process of methylation therefore, increasing the presence of mercury from the environment (food, water, air), vaccinations, and the inadequate intake of detoxifying nutrients, has robbed many children of this protective process. Methylcobalamin is a special form of Vitamin B-12 that can assist in the reversal of a blocked methylation pathway which helps the body flush out toxins, primarily through the urine. Once the methylation pathway is restored, our bodies can begin to detoxify themselves. There are a few forms of B-12, one being cyanocobalamin. Cyanocobalamin has been the most widely used form of vitamin B12, because of its stability and low cost. However, cyanocobalamin is not a true form of vitamin B12; rather, it is the synthetic, commercially made form. Cyanocobalamin does not have an impact on the methylation pathway, therefore, methylcobalamin is the only B-12 form involved in achieving detoxification from heavy metals. The methylcobalamin form of B12 is best absorbed by transdermal cream, subcutaneous injection or intravenous infusion. Adults can also benefit from methylcobalamin supplementation clearing their methylation pathway. Other benefits of enhanced methylation include improved cell membrane function, improved neurotransmitter and hormone metabolism, and improved neuronal healing. In conclusion, I hope this article helps to point out the importance of detoxifying ones methylation pathway, especially in children with ASD. This article is intended for educational purposes and not intended to be a substitute for medical care and advice. Enjoy the Summer Everyone!

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Patrick Musitano, B.Sc. Phm. Compounding Pharmacist

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